Top 5 JPop songs I can’t get enough of

I’ve been listening to JPop for quite some time now. Some of it is ok, a lot of it is terrible, but some songs are so great that I just can’t stop listening. Here are the top 5 JPop songs I just can’t stop listening to.


#5: Radwimps’ Oshakashama


We are going to kick off this list with the fast paced Oshakashama. I’ve pretty much loved everything Radwimps has put out over the past few years, but I just cannot get enough of Oshakashama. The singer might look ridiculous, but man I love this mix of rap and rock.


#4: Ikimono Gakari’s Sakura


We are going to change gears a little with this little ballad. You may know Ikimono Gakari from Bluebird which was used as an opening for Naruto a few years back. That’s at least how I got to know them anyways. After hearing Bluebird, I needed more. Eventually I stumbled upon Sakura, and just could not stop hitting repeat.


#3: Hanare Gumi’s Chikisyo-


If I could describe the type of music I listen to most often it would be one word. Chill. I love being able to relax along with a good tune. Hanare Gumi is kind of my go to group to feel the chill, and Chikisho- just happens to be my favorite. This song is so filled with passion that I often have to stop whatever I’m doing and just listen. Unfortunately, the video is not the artist’s MV, but I think you will still enjoy it.


#2 Tokyo Jihen’s Kesho Naoshi


Oh man I love me some Tokyo Jihen. Anything Shiina Ringo touches turns to gold in my mind. She is always trying new things, including new instruments, and just making completely unique music, which is why I consider her to be one of the all time greats. Kesho Naoshi is my all time favorite song by her group, Tokyo Jihen, and is a song I can literally listen to every single day. Also not the artist’s MV, but it is the best I can do.


#1 Yui’s Again



I could list to Again again and again and again. Like Oshakashama up top, I love this mixture of rock and rap, and it doesn’t hurt that Yui’s voice should be considered a national treasure. I first heard this song as the opening to Full Metal Alchemist, and just couldn’t stop listening. Unfortunately, Yui’s label will not release her full song on Youtube and has continually taken down any attempts of AMV postings, but here is a “Short Version” of the song.

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