Top Ten Japanese Dishes

When I think of Japan, I immediately think of the food, and my mouth begins to water. What I’m about to say may be a bit controversial, but I have to say Japanese food is the single best ethnic food out there. Certainly there are specific dishes that I like better than any Japanese food, but as a whole, no other country’s food can touch the dishes served in Japan.

To pay tribute to my food of choice, I’ve decided to list out my favorite Japanese dishes.


#10: Kitsune Udon

Top Ten Kitsune

#9: Karage


Top Ten Karage


#8: Zaru Soba


Top Ten Zaru


#7: Katsu Don


Top Ten Katsu Don


#6: Tonkatsu Teishoku


Top Ten Tonkatsu


#5: Yaki Soba


Top Ten Yaki Soba


#4: Ramen


Top ten ramen


#3: Katsu Curry


Top Ten Katsu Curry


#2: Sushi


Top ten Sushi


#1: Okonomiyaki


Top Ten Okonomiyaki

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