North Korea’s getting some Choco Pies

North Korea getting an unexpected delivery of chocolate deliciousness thanks to some South Korean activists and some balloons.

Up until a recent ban on the South Korean snack, Choco Pies had become chocolate gold on the North Korean black market. Workers at a factory found at the border of the Koreas were being paid in Choco Pies, and would then take the snack to the black market for a decent profit. The system was working great at first. The factory was able to pay its workers in snacks, which lowered costs, and the workers were able to make decent wages through the country’s thriving back channels. Sounds like a pretty great situation for everyone right?

Apparently Kim Jung Un didn’t think so, as he recently banned the snack food on his never ending quest to stomp out every ounce of happiness left in the “Better Korea.”ap123824505227

As a response, nearly 200 activists sent 50 balloons with 10,000 newly classified symbols of capitalism, AKA Choco Pies, over the border. Hopefully these bundles of joy make their way to the people who need them and not the grubby hands of the government.


Picture and original story from Business Insider

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