CPop Spotlight August 18 – 24

I’ve been living in China for over a year and a half now, and I haven’t heard all that much that I would even consider halfway decent music. I’ve heard plenty of what I would call rock ballads, or even complete rip offs of American songs, but nothing that made me even consider going out and buying a CD.

That is until I heard this little number while watching China’s The Voice at a restaurant a few weeks ago. The song doesn’t start until the 2:13 mark, but it’s worth a listen.

I certainly would have pressed the buzzer for her! The song 火柴天堂, instantly became my new favorite CPop song. Not that it had all that much competition, but still. And this girl sang it beautifully. After dinner I hurried home and went to scouring the internets for more. I found two different renditions that I thought you might also enjoy.

If you would like to hear a male version, check this one out.

Have any great CPop recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments!

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