JPop Spotlight August 18 – 24

This week we want to focus our JPop attention to Gesu No Kiwami Otome or ゲスの極み乙女, which may or may not be the crudest band name I’ve ever heard.

Crudeness aside, this 4 piece band is one of the most fun and refreshing groups I’ve heard in a long time. The group was formed in 2012, but has only just recently made their major debut with Warner Music Japan within the past 6 months.Gesu2

Photo from Harajuku Kawaii

The group is very young, but have some veterans including Enan Kawatani, the vocals behind “indigo La End.” Gesu uses a unique mixture of rock, rap, and even a bit of classy piano to make some of the most innovative songs to come out of Japan in some time.

Although the styling is very much their own, Gesu honestly reminds me a lot of Radwimps, which is incredibly high praise coming from me.

Here are several of my favorite songs that they have released on Youtube. The last one, Ryouteki na Kisu wo Watashi ni Shite, is the latest and is currently placed as number eight on itunes the top songs.

Warning they are a weird…



Dress wo Nuge ドレスを脱げ




Killer Ball キラーボール




Black Parade ぶらっくパレード




Ryouteki na Kisu wo Watashi Ni Shite



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