August Anime Soundtrack

Every month we will highlight one phenomenal soundtrack for you to get into. This will include a favorite opening, some selected songs, and then the entirety of the soundtrack at the bottom.

This month we will focus on my current personal favorite, Attack on Titan.

The very first time I heard the opening to AoT, I knew I was going on an audio ride.


 Guren no Yumiya – Linked Horizon


Once the fast paced opener runs its course, you find yourself in this world of lost hope and constant fear. The show has to produce a great deal of emotion in a short period of time, and what better way to do that than a beautifully composed piano based theme.




This anime’s soundtrack has more to it than this sad song though. The CD is almost entirely based on high energy battle music, that is used to pump the viewer up.







The last song we want to introduce is possibly my favorite from the bunch. The song introduces both a sense of hope and power to the anime that’s not heard in any of the other tracks. It is a bit slower, but I think you will like it.


Vogel Im Kafig


Now for your listening pleasure, check out the complete soundtrack here.

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