Japan, saying thank you every way they can

Japanese people are well known for a level of courtesy that can only be rivaled by say Canadian. The culture places a unique and heavy emphasis on being polite that I just haven’t found in other countries. They have even perfected a nonverbal method of portraying their gratitude.

The first and probably most well known is the bow. You’ve probably seen this in movies or even anime, where the character is so grateful or apologetic that they bow to the person they want to thank. Bows

The second you may not have seen if you have never been to Japan. If they want to show gratitude without making too much of a scene they simply raise their open  hand up to the right side of their face. Imagine that there is a bright light to your right, and you are shading your eyes. I always kind of imagined that this gesture was symbolizing the user’s embarrassment of having to need your help.

The third has recently went viral with a video produced by The Japan Chanel showing how Japanese people show thank you with their car.

Just watch.

If you couldn’t use your words, how do you say thank you?

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