Pokemon Meets Street Fighter

For years fans of the Pokemon franchise have been demanding a MMORPG based in the Pokemon world, but not me. The massive online experience would be neat, don’t get me wrong, but what I’ve secretly wanted to see would be an arcade brawler that used the popular Pokemon characters.

Well earlier today Nintendo released some footage of a new arcade game coming to Japan in 2015 that might make my wish come true.

The minute long introduction video shows Lucario facing off against a Machamp, but there was also a seven minute long explanation that showed what looked to be Blaziken fighting Lucario.

The longer video also explains that both the executive producer of Namco Bandai’s Tekken 3 and Soul Calibur’s main programer are currently working on this new Pokemon Project.

At the end of the video they revealed the name Pokemon Tournament, and that it will be in arcades across Japan in 2015. Unfortunately no word as to whether or not it will get a console port or even if the arcade game will get an international release.

Judging from the introduction videos, it looks like the fighters will be humanoid Pokemon that use fighting type moves. This is fine I guess, but I’d prefer to control a dragon type and release a hyper beam as my finisher as opposed to a typical uppercut. Still Pokemon fans have a lot to look forward to!

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