Brownies in a Rice Cooker… what could go wrong?

I have to say one of my favorite snacks has to be brownies, but for whatever reason they are just not a thing in China. I’ve looked all over the city for some delicious brownies, but to no avail. So when I stumbled across a mix while strolling through the foreign goods section of my near by supermarket I thought why not give it a try.

Unfortunately, they didn’t turn out too well. That’s not so much the rice cooker’s fault as it is my own. Here’s what I did.

WaterbrowniesOil BrowniesEggs browniesBrownies mixMixPress this buttonFinished brownies 2

I followed the directions on the box as best as I could, and then put it in the rice cooker. Fortunately, my Chinese rice cooker had a big “蛋糕” button on it for cake making. I pressed it and waited 20 minutes or so for the beep.

Upon opening the lid I found that there had been relatively no change to my mix. It was still one large pool of chocolate. I closed the lid again and heard another beep. This time, the screen showed a 6, and although I have no idea what that could possibly mean, I felt as if this time it may actually make my brownies.

I waited another hour and opened it up again. Round two showed promising improvements. Both the bottom and the edges were now solid and brownie like. Unfortunately though the top was still just goo. Not having any time left before I needed to go to work, I decided to pull it out and see what it tasted like.Final Brownies

Not my finest work by any means.

I’ve decided to classify this as my first of what is likely to be many failures in learning how to cook in Asia. Hopefully next week I have something that not only looks good, but tastes great to share with you.

Wish me luck!


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