Particles: を

As far as particles go, you don’t get much easier than を. This straight forward object particle may be slightly confusing due to it being spelled “wo” and said as “o,” but you will find nothing confusing about its usage.

To use the object particle “を” you simply tack it on between the verb and its direct object.

Eat pizza.

Watch TV.

Buy a bike.bikebuy

Basically think about your verb and what you are doing that verb to, and then stick を in between the two.

The を particle can also be used with locations to show that you are moving through something. It can be a street, a town, or whatever you want to indicate that you traveled through. That said, there is a big difference between the words through and to. If you are looking to indicate that you are going to or coming from somewhere you will want to check out our article on に and へ.

Cross the bridge.


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