Mal another size你好 and ようこそ to My Asian Life!


Just what is My Asian Life? Well that’s a very good question. Up until recently my Asian life consisted of waking up, working out, eating the same old dishes, going to work, sleep, and repeat. After living in Asia for over 5 years, my life had become something of a bubble that no longer included anything particularly Asian. Well except the food.

What a waste!

Not only was this life boring, I was wasting an incredible chance that I already sacrificed a great deal to have. I’ve left my family, my friends, and even my comfort so that I could learn new languages, see new things, try new experiences, and celebrate different cultures. If my life was simply to revolve around the bubble that it was, I may as well have stayed in America.

So once again, what is My Asian Life? It is a celebration of everything I love about Asia. Primarily Japan and China, but hey as time goes on I’m open to expanding my interests. Here I hope to share everything from music, language, entertainment, food, news, culture, and my own personal life with you so that My Asian Life can also be yours.

I hope to share my experiences and interests with you in hopes that there will be an even greater love for this area and its many diverse cultures.

So, do you want to share in My Asian Life? Maybe you can add to it? If you have something you want to say, write, or add to the site you can contact me at